Bhutan Luxury Travel

Bhutan Luxury Travel

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Bhutan Luxury Travels

Luxury tour of Bhutan bestows the fusion of remarkable travel journey through its ancient time with accommodation experience in internationally acclaimed five star hotels and luxury resorts. Bhutan, with its international proclamation as high-end tourist destination, truly the country is an exclusive home away home for those who can make their way through. The arrival of global hotel chains such as Aman Kora Resort, Uma by Como, Hotel Taj and Le Meridian have significantly raised the service standard with strong hold on local hospitality culture. Luxury has become synonymous to the exoticness of destination brand itself. You will certainly be pampered by highest standard of local hospitality services and luxurious comfort.

In connection, your journey with us will take you through scared and preserved places in the country. We unfurl your gateway to understand Bhutan in most phenomenal and authentic ways. With carefully designed itinerary you will enjoy your traverse back in time. The country has every thing intact since it’s opening to the outside world in the early 1960s. Some of the tour highlights include your sojourn through remote villages in the country and coming in one to one contact with the local folks. This is the best way to immerse into local culture. To make the visit worth remembering you will engage in agricultural activities such as ploughing farmland to sow the seeds in early spring or getting yourself mudded in monsoon rice plantation with the farmers. Or harvesting the rice in autumn season, the kind of take back will completely depend on your time of visit and interest. Besides, you will venture on fascinating hikes through rural villages adorned in richness of pristine environment and lush greenery. Add on you will be equally mesmerised by your drive excursion through some of the best landscape in the country offering majestic vistas of Himalayan mountain ranges. And beyond the local experiential soak up there are ample opportunities to accommodate activities such as half day river rafting in the Himalayan glacier fed rivers and photography exploration as a part of your travel experience.

The hotels we choose for your tour are well equipped with modern amenities and services of international standard. From refreshing treats of deluxe accommodation, the sensational treatment of spa and fitness to gourmet delicacy of diverse cuisine, the experiences delivered are unparalleled and diverse. 

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