Bhutan Honeymoon Escape

Bhutan Honeymoon Escape

Bhutan is a fantastic place to celebrate your once in a lifetime occasion of honeymoon getaway. In the richness of country’s warm hospitality culture and sociable community the kind of experience you will take back is always extraordinary. There are countless offers to explore in the company of your lovebird. From the appetizing natural beauty to cultural glamour the list is endless. We tailor a fusion of modernity with typical touch of traditional authenticity to make your journey truly special. And of course more romantic one.

You have the comfort to choose the types of hotel to suite your pleasure and taste. Or we will suggest you the best options of hotel category, spanning from three stars to luxury to perfectly fit your travel budget and plans. All our partner hotels are fully equipped with modern amenities with first class service deliverance.

For your special honeymoon tour you can fully rely on us. We deliver flawless composition of authentic experience woven in our professional skills and personalized services. We have many happy customers who have experienced our uniqueness. And your will not be exception. We always have our specialty for your special moment. 

Trip Overview

This 9 days Bhutan honeymoon escape is a personalized and private journey for a newlywed couple wishing to spend their post marriage escape in Bhutan. The tour is meticulously designed to present the experience of Bhutan in truly romantic and flamboyant sequence. Under our care you will be given detail attention of importance to ensure the best of the services are professionally delivered.

Your tour of Bhutan will be composition of abundant mix of adventure, culture, romantic events, photography fun and immersion in the rural experiences. Some of the adventure activities like hiking through rural valleys and pristine forest will take your breath away. Half day river rafting in the Mochu River is always a perfect means to taste the water current of Himalayan rivers. Add on spending a couple of nights with local family in the rural village will present you a complete pleasure of laid back times. Your excursion through scenic Himalayan mountain landscape will open up photography opportunity to view the place through your came lens. And the list goes on and on.

And in the company of your personal tour guide and professional driver you will love every moment of your time in Bhutan. They will ensure that you will take the memory and the experience of country Bhutan in phenomenal way.


Tour Highlights

  • Experience the cultural essence of Bhutan widely depicted in the art and architecture, spirituality and Bhutanese way of life.
  • Enjoy the company of friendly people of Bhutan.
  • Soak up in a privately organized candle light dinner at with complete privacy.
  • Treat your visual sense with breathtaking vistas of mountain terrains, scenic landscapes, cultural colors of Bhutan and beauty of nature.
  • Experience one night stay with local family and soak up in local culture.
  • Visit the majestic ancient fortress in various places.
  • Get to know about Buddhism spiritualism while visiting the historic temples and monasteries.
  • Hike through rural valleys and scenic landscapes.
  • Celebrate the post wedding ceremony organizeda in the ancient temple in Thimphu and receive the blessing of eternal bondage, peace, success and happiness.
  • Hike to the iconic temple of Tiger Nest.
  • Explore the beautiful valley of Bumthang famed for its wide open landscape and home to countless ancient temples and monasteries.
  • Enjoy breathtaking drive excursion through valleys, mountain pass and deep gorges. 

What to bring

  • A pair of hiking shoes/boots
  • Hiking wears
  • Walking sticks
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Sun guard/lotion
  • Foldable umbrella
  • Insect repellant
  • Pair of full sleeve shirts and pants for cultural visit to dzongs.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival paro | Thimphu
  • Day 2 Thimphu Sightseeing |Thimphu
  • Day 3 Thimphu | Phobjikha
  • Day 4 Phobjikha | Bumthang
  • Day 5 Bumthang Sightseeing | Bumthang
  • Day 6 Bumthang | Punakha
  • Day 7 Punakha sightseeing | Paro
  • Day 8 Tiger Nest Hike | Paro
  • Day 9 Exit 

Detailed Itenerary

Day 1 Arrival Paro | Thimphu

Flight to Bhutan offers a breathtaking journey through Himalayan horizon presenting surreal vistas of gigantic mountain peaks including the world’s highest Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu and others. Choosing your seat on the left hand side will offer fantastic views during clear weather. Arriving Paro international airport you will be met and greeted by your personal tour guide and driver with traditional khaddar offering. From the airport you will be driven to the main town of Paro for a brief stopover for arrival refreshment. Then you will soak up in cultural sightseeing. First you will visit the national museum nestled on hilltop overlooking the majestic rinpung fort. In the museum scan through all the displays of ancient artifacts, local textile, traditional armaments and Buddhism appliques. In essence the visit will give you deeper understanding of country’s prehistoric time.

Following take a short downhill walk to the main Paro Ringpung Dzong, the center of regional administration. This impressive structure was erected in 1746 by the founder of dual system of government, his holiness Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. The place houses the offices of district administration and residence of couple of hundreds Buddhist monks. You will be accompanied to the main temple inside and your guide will deliver mind-captivating description of various wall paintings. To name few, are ‘Wheel of life’, ‘Tshering Namdrup’, ‘Four protective guardians’ and Mandala. This will give insightful message about life and its purpose. Besides you will be mesmerized by lavish architectural showcase of the structure. And it you are avid photographer; this is your chance to frame the moment and beauty. Add on you will come across juvenile monks spreading across the open courtyard and grab a chance to communicate with them.

On completion leisure downward through prominent footpath joining the traditional bridge. You will be enchanted by close up view of crystal clear water running below. It’s a great spot to frame your moment. Then you will be driven the town for gourmet lunch in a local restaurant.

After the lunch visit the historic ruin fortress at drugyal community. This remnant structure speaks a lot about history of Bhutan through 17th century. Drugyal dzong symbolizes victory over Tibetan war. Bhutan and Tibet waged more than 12 battles in 17th century where Bhutan out ruled Tibetan through decisive plans in every combats. You will visit both inside and outside premises of the structure.

Then visit the ancient Buddhist temple at Kichu village built prior to the advent of Buddhism by Guru Rinpochhe. Historic account reveals that the dharma king of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo commissioned the project of constructing 108 temples in a day with combined forces of god, demigod and human being to gain widespread of Buddhism in the Himalayan region. Himalaya at that time was believed to having dominated by anti-Buddhism spirits and evil. Two among 108 happened to be located in Bhutan. And one is this very Kichu temple and another is Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang. These two temples embody the statues of future Buddha as central figure. People from near and far show up during auspicious occasion to pay homage in this ancient location.

Next venture on an hour drive excursion to the capital city, Thimphu through beautiful settlements of bonday, shaba, Esuna, Wangsisina, Khasadrapchu and Namseling. The wide national highway meandering along the banks of Paro and Thimphu Rivers will add extra trill.

Arriving Thimphu, check in hotel followed by leisure time in the central business district of Thimphu. And at dinner you will be joined by your host agent to grace the first day honeymoon occasion.

Day 2 Thimphu Sightseeing |Thimphu

Thimphu is a hustle and bustle city in its own scale. The place is a home to more than hundred thousand people. There are many things to experience here. We have made the finest selection of your share to immerse in its rich attraction.

After breakfast you will visit the Jungshi paper factory to see the entire process of manually run productions. It consumes locally available pulps of daphin shrubs as raw materials. You can also check out the gift shops, which sells various products made from dasho paper.

Then visit the main venue of national memorial stupa in the close proximity of the city. The structure was built in 1974 as a memorial monument of the late third king of Bhutan. The place offers ample opportunity to see and mingle with local folks. Basically you will meet hoards of devotees circumambulating the stupa. Majority of devotees comprises of older generation people. Spend sometime here soaking up the beautiful sights and framing photographs of people and impressive architecture.

Following, drive to Kawajangsa and visit the national art institute commonly referred as painting school. You will see young students acquiring various local art and architecture skills. The institute is commissioned by government of Bhutan to preserve and promote the local arts. The visit will enrich with thirteen traditional arts and craft of Bhutan. Next after exploring the national archive of Bhutan you will be treated with typical Bhutanese lunch at Folk Heritage Restaurant at Kawajangsa.

In the afternoon we you will visit the historic temple at Changangkha where your host agent will organize a small occasion to grace your post wedding in Bhutanese way. A senior monk will preside the ceremony to bestow with blessings of bond to acquire peaceful, happy and successful life ahead. Following the event you will be driven to Motithang taking preserve to see the unique national animal of Bhutan, the Takin. While visiting the Taskin zoo you will also visit the popular view point of Sangaygang/BBS tower to enjoy the Ariel view of the Thimphu city. On completion drive to Kuenselphodrang National park and see the gigantic statue of lord Buddha made of bronze. In fact it is the tallest of its kind in the world. Spend circa 30 minutes at the park framing the scenic views of Thimphu valley.

Evening visit the majestic Thimphu fortress and get blessed in the inner sanctum, Kuenray temple. After visiting the temple stroll across the courtyard, which offers photographic opportunity of its impressive architectural beauty. From the fort straight drive to hotel to experience a cultural show by local band followed by dinner and good nights sleep.

Day 3 Thimphu | Phobjikha

Morning stroll in the main town of Thimphu doing shopping if required. Other wise we will straight drive to Phobjikha the winter homeland of black neck crane. The drive will pass through a beautiful valley of Yesupang and hongtsho and the mountain pass of Dochula giving you a breath of fresh air. At dochula pass hang around the site of 108 Druk Wangyel chhorten taking pictures and hoisting prayer flags to summon good fortune. The pass also unveils scenic views of Himalayan mountain ranges including the highest peaks of the country like Mt. Kula Gangri and Gangkar Puensum. From the pass the drive will make substantial descend through hilly gorges, thick forest and beautiful valleys until you arrive the lower valley of Lobesa.

At Lobesa you will venture on mild hike to a temple of fertility locally known as Chhimi Lhakhang and literally meaning no dog temple. The history of temple dates back to 13th century with straight connection to the revered enlightened Buddhist monk named Lama Drukpa Kinlay who was instrumental in warding off anti-Buddhist spirits and instituting Buddhism doctrine in the region. He is vividly lived in the folk tales and various Buddhism storybooks. Essentially this temple is famed for curing infertility and enabling the sterile couples to conceive baby. There are lots of true stories of such cases at home and abroad. The hiking trail will take you through a beautiful village across terraced rice filed.

Completing the hike lunch will be served in a local restaurant. Then we will continue drive excursion towards east direction through the beautiful valley of Wangdue Phodrang. After 65-kilometer drive you will enter the home of Phobjikha famed for its scenic wide-open landscapes and heart-warming natives. After checking in hotel take a walking across the valley and enjoy the surreal beauty of the place. Then soak up in a warm hospitality of Dewachen resort, your perfect tonight’s host

Day 4 Phobjikha | Bumthang

Phobjikha valley provides exciting hiking and walking adventures across its wide landscape. Besides, if you are traveling in the month of late December, January and February you will get a rare chance to view the endangered flock of black neck crane spending the harsh winter months in this valley. Also the place is a home to the country’s only black neck crane festival, which is held in November, the time when these birds start arriving Bhutan all the way from Tibet crossing the gigantic Himalayan Mountains.

However, today you will stroll across the valley soaking up the freshness of its pristine environment and calmness of morning hour. There is a prominent walking trail around the place and in the company of your tour guide the exploration will commence in the early morning hour. Completing the walk you will be treated energizing breakfast in the hotel followed by visit to the iconic Gangtay monastery.

After your visit we will straight away head to Bumthang en route Trongsa district. The drive will take through mountain pass of Pele La and regions of Sephu valley offering rare glimpses of nomadic life in the country. Crossing Sephu you will enter Rukhubji and Chendibji where you will break for the lunch in a cozy tourist cafeteria. From Chendibji an hour and half drive will reach you to the central district of Trongsa, the home of ancient royal family. You will spend a brief stopover in Trongsa. We will continue driving across mountain until we arrive at Yotong La pass, the highest point between Trongsa and Bumthang. We will have a brief break at the pass to inhale fresh air and stretch the body. Then we will continue driving through the mountain forest of Yotong La pass and enter Domkhar, the first settlement of Bumthang valley. Crossing Domkhar we will enter Chhumey and finally to Chamkhar town which is our final destination of the day. Check in the hotel and soak up in warm hospitality of your hotel host.

Day 5 Bumthang Sightseeing | Bumthang

Bumthang is often compared with Switzerland because of its wider view landscapes surrounded by rising hills and towering mountains. Countless historic monuments like temples and monasteries fill the place. These truly have made Bumthang a Buddhism heartland in the country.

To start with, first you will explore Jakar fort overlooking the main chamkhar town from hilltop. Like any other dongs in the country this fortress embody district government offices and resident of district monastic body. Here you will visit the permitted inner sanctum kuenray and get blessed for happy and successful life.

We will then proceed to ancient temple of Jambay Lhakhang built in 7th century by the revered king of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo. The temple is the venue of famous naked dance festival held in late October and early November. Get mesmerized by its historic account and impressive display of unique architectures. Paying homage to the future Buddha inside is bound to fulfill your wishes of various kinds.

Following, drive to Kurjay temple and explore the wonders of Guru Rinpochhe, the great Indian Buddhist teacher who visited this place on personal behest of the king of Bumthang, Sindu Raja in 8th century. The historic account of this temple testifies the first advent of Buddhism in Bhutan. You will see various legacies left behind by Guru Rinpoche in the form of his body footprints. You will be escorted to three different temples built in a row and will be given detailed insight of the temples. You will love learning the about the iconic Buddhism Legend, the Guru Rinpochhe.

After that you will take a short hike across Chamkhar River to Tamshing Monastery built in 15th century by Pema Lingpa, the great treasure discoverer of Guru Rinpochhe. He was born in the Tang region of Bumthang. This monastery unveils various Buddhism histories dating back to 15th century. On completion you will be served lunch in local restaurant in Chamkhar town.

Afternoon take a joy excursion to the famous burning lake in Tang locality and witness the hidden place of treasure discovery by Pema Lingpa. It was from this very lake that the hidden treasures like Buddhism texts, scripts and statues of Lord Buddha were unveiled by Pema Lingpa.

Then spend rest of your time visiting the local souvenir shops in Chamkhar town. Bumthang is well known for its finest yathra products.

Day 6 Bumthang | Punakha

Early depart for Punakha the erstwhile capital of Bhutan. We will take a reverse drive following the national highway. From Bumthang we will journey to Trongsa en route Yotong La pass. We will stop at Trongsa to explore the museum and majestic fortress built by Chogyal Minjure Tempa. Trongsa dzong is one of the biggest forts of its kind with three prominent towers perched on a steep cliff above Mangde River. The place has been instrumental in opening up gateway for our present Royal family in the lineage of Wangchuck Dynasty. You will be accompanied to the main temple inside the fortress.

Then we will continue with drive journey through the beautiful valley of Sephu and breathtaking mountain passes. Arriving Norbuding enjoy your hot picnic lunch in the scenic spot. From Norbuding couple of hour journey through the valleys of Wangdue will unwrap your final destination, Punakha. Spend rest of your time relaxing in the hotel room and soaking in warm hospitality of your host.

Day 7 Punakha sightseeing | Paro

Punakha is the erstwhile capital of Bhutan and winter residence of the central monastic body and the Chief Abbot. The place displays a very rich account of historical events of 17th century. Moreover the nationally significant events such as the coronation of the first king of Bhutan, the first parliament session, coronation of the fifth king and Royal Wedding were held in this very place.

We will visit the glorious Punakha dzong settled on the confluence of two giant rivers with its graceful architectural display. First we will enter the main inner sanctum and explore the main courtyard, the usual hangout place of monks at leisure for photography.

Next, drive to north of Punakha to visit the heavenly place of Kabesa and walk up to the picturesque Khamsum yuelay Namgyal Chhorten. Form the bridge it is 45minutes hike all the way through gently rising hill and rice field. The hike is one of the most beautiful and easy one. Add on the surreal vitas of the valley will truly take your breath away.

On completion we will revert to Punakha for lunch followed by drive to Paro for night halt

Day 8 Tiger Nest Hike | Paro

Today you will hike to the iconic temple of Tiger Nest perched at 900-meter steep cliff. With early breakfast in the hotel we will drive to the base from where the hike will start. Basically the hike is 4 hours up down hike suitable for all level of hikers. The trail passed over gently ascending hills through a mixed forest of blue pine and broad leave trees. In the mid way tourist cafeteria you will be treated hot tea and coffee. From the cafeteria an hour-long hike will reach you to the main tiger nest temple.

Inside, you will be accompanied to five different temples and your tour guide will diver flawless insights of the tiger nest. Basically, your take back will be more of Buddhism history of Bhutan and the important role Guru Rinpochhe had played in disseminating the doctrine in 8th and 10th century.

Lunch will be served at viewpoint cafeteria on your return journey from the temple. After the lunch walk back to the base and you will be driven to your hotel. Evening experience hot stone bath in the local farm house followed by dinner with the local family in farmhouse. A great way to immerse into local culture. 

Day 9 Exit

After early breakfast you will be driven to the airport to board your flight for your onward journey.


Total Tour Cost

High Season (March, April, May, September, October & November)

  •   Couple: US $ 2080 per person

Low Season (June, July, August, December, January & February)

  •   Couple: US $ 1720 per person


  • Sightseeing seeing as per the itinerary
  • Government Royalty
  • All meals during the tour
  • Three start standard twin bedded accommodation on sharing basis
  • Transportation by foreign vehicle
  • Full time guided tour by certified local tour guide
  • One time visa processing fee, US $40 per person

Not Included

  • Air ticket, both domestic and international
  • Travel and health Insurance
  • Laundry, telephone, mobile, fax and Internet bills
  • Tips and gratuities for guide and driver
  • Shopping and Entertainment
  • Donations


  • Arrival refreshment
  • Free mineral water during tour
  • Museum and park fees
  • Free ticketing service for Bhutan Airlines, no commission

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